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Planning To Lease A Private Yacht?

  • Aug 10, 2023
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Planning To Lease A Private Yacht?

For those who have been yearning to sail on a yacht, it may be time to go for yacht rentals. When glancing at a yacht to charter, it's essential to regard who will be joining you—if you are bringing children, for example, that will transform the group dynamic—and how much period you intend to spend onboard as opposed to on the beach, which will decide how much room you'll require and use. 

Tight quarters are acceptable for some individuals, while others desire a spread-out room, but you will spend more for additional space.

How do food and beverages work on a personal yacht?

On yacht charters, you spend extra for food. The team can stock your favorite edible items; you might be asked what you want to eat before sailing. In addition, you may select how many feasts a day you enjoy eating onboard (as opposed to at diners on land). Liquor is generally an extra expense as well. 

Do private yachts come with a team?

The yacht is staffed by a team including a captain, a masseuse, chefs, bartenders, deckhands, cleaners, and servers. You can also ask and pay for an additional unit—such as a fitness trainer, dive master, or hairstylist. Most extravagant yachts come with a team of one to six, beginning with the captain.

Other handy yacht charter advice

  • Wherever you lease a yacht, ensure you understand precisely what is incorporated. Typically, extra charges cost 30 per cent above the introductory yacht charter price. For example, in addition to food and beverage, fuel can add significantly to your charter expense—in Dubai, an hour's worth of fuel per day is generally included.
  • The most suitable time of year for cruising on a personal yacht charter is during the off-season, usually late April or early May, September, and October.
  • Remember the water toys. Your yacht may stock snorkel gear and can count diving equipment (for an additional cost). Other toys may comprise paddleboards, Jet Skis, kayaks, water trampolines, waterslides, and a tender boat for exciting inner-tube rides. Be sure to discover what is on board to enjoy your favorite water activities.
  • Bonuses add 5 to 20 percent (with lower recommended amounts in the UAE and slightly higher in other places).
  • Other expenditures may incorporate private marina costs, natural park access, and taxes. 

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